The extensive experience and professional qualifications of its partners and staff-members allows DENCO TRANSPORT LTD to provide high-quality services in design, tendering, construction and operation of all types of Transportation Projects: 


·  Design of Transportation Systems (Demand analysis and projections, modal split-distribution-assignment, transport policies, design of transportation systems).


·  Public Transport Studies (Feasibility Studies, Studies on operational characteristics and ridership, origin and destination studies, design-scheduling of routes and itineraries).


·  Road Construction Studies (Design of interurban and urban roadways, interchanges and intersections, signaling-safety).


·  Traffic Studies (organization-hierarchy of the road network, data collection-analysis of traffic volumes, inventory-research of parking characteristics, parking organization-management, traffic signals analysis and optimization, traffic accident analysis, design of pedestrian and bicycle networks, road delineation and vertical sign studies).


·  Urban renewal (pedestrian zones, traffic calming, sidewalk design, design of pedestrian and bicycle crossings, design of bicycle paths).


·  Parking studies (Design of underground, surface parking lots and multistory car parks, Feasibility studies, Traffic Impact Studies, Environmental Impact Studies, support at the licensing stage).


·  Studies on Controlled Parking Zones (parking inventory, parking characteristics studies, Management Plan for parking spaces, fee recovery mode, institutional framework, enforcement plan, implementation of controlled parking systems, compliance studies and post implementation evaluation and assessment).


·  Road safety studies (Accident analysis, identification of accident blackspots, design of improvements in road layout, channelization of junctions, visibility, signaling, safety analysis).


·  Access studies, internal traffic and parking studies on tourist complexes, cultural-sports centers, building complexes (multimodal access, integration to the existing road network, design of internal road network and parking areas, horizontal delineation and vertical signs studies, traffic impact study, support at the licensing stage).


·  Technical Cosnulting Services (Control and monitoring of studies, technical support in the preparation of studies, feasibility studies, preparation of specifications and tender documents, tender evaluation, construction supervision, operation and maintenance support).